Brief aus Castagnole delle Lanze


Dear Friends,

During the COVID pandemic emergency, we noticed that the link with the twinned countries is strong. The exchange of information on the situation in different countries made us feel closer. Our friendships has not been stopped by the virus; contacts between our families and those of Zbroslawice, Charnays les Macon, Brackenheim, Tarnalelesz and Valledolmo have been constant. This is the proof that the twinning created strong bonds of brotherhood and solidarity that don't fail, even in difficult moments.

At the moment, the situation in Italy is good even if new outbreaks have been found; for this reason, the minimum precautionary measures have been extended to combat and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

In Castagnole delle Lanze the situation is positive and the emergency, at the moment is “stopped”.

All business activities are working; the farmers are now the next hazelnut harvest and the grape harvest that this year seems to begin towards the end of the month.

In an attempt to return to our normal life and meet together to spend some time with friends, several events have been organized during this summer period.

The Twinning Association organized the Sicilian Dinner at the Sports Center; some theatre performances and concerts has been hosted in the courtyard of the Town Hall and the dinner under the Colored Arches was organized by the Circolo Amici del Museo.

The Patronal Festival of San Bartolomeo is scheduled for the end of August with the traditional Hazelnut Day.

All events this year require special attention in the organization to ensure the safety and distancing of participants who nevertheless appreciate the commitment and abide by the rules.

The Municipal Administration in the months of July and August in collaboration with the Twinning Association organized an English course for secondary school students whit the aim to involve them in our future activities. Our wish is to prepare them to became future tour guides in Castagnole delle Lanze.

In these summer months the Summer Center is underway: primary and secondary school children are carrying out sports and cultural activities like Music, English, Reading, etc.

We are trying to come back to our normal daily life without forgetting the hard and difficult experience lived during the months of the spread of Covid-19 and therefore with the right sense of responsibility and sticking to what are the measures suggested for containment and spread of the virus.

Dear friends, unfortunately, despite the strong desire to meet us, it is not yet possible to organize a meeting.

We are waiting to see you soon, but now we accept Peter's invitation and we will tell each other through letters what we are doing in our communities, it will help us to feel closer.

The letters received and sent will also be disclosed to families.

A hug and see you soon.

Mariagrazia Rosso

17. August 2020


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